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Private equity funded deals

AddVenture Consulting Limited

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We have significant experience in private equity funded deals and can provide advice and hands-on assistance on IT, finance & other back operations - typically MBIs, MBOs, public-to-private, mergers, integrations, spin-offs and carve-outs.


Our work is predominantly post deal, focusing on those critical make-or-break months where the business transitions to the new environment or to the new management team.


We deliver pragmatic, tangible, cost-effective solutions and services to ensure that:-


· the core business is operational from Day 1

· critical services are transitioned appropriately during TSA period (Day 100 planning)

· management has the appropriate information, systems and processes to manage the ongoing business

· the back-office functions can support proposed business plans and business growth

· priorities and risks are appropriately managed

· investments made are reasonable, necessary and secure value.


We help you prepare for Day 1 and beyond.